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Purple Blossom

3D Fertility

Frustrated that no one seems to understand your fertility challenges?

I can help you to get pregnant…

Preparing for Pregnancy

The 3D Fertility helps women just like you to achieve regular periods, ovulations and pregnancies, through 3D massage and 3D womb treatments, encompassing holistic techniques such as, cupping, acupuncture and abdominal massage.

The best time to come for treatment is straight after your period has finished between cycle day 5-10.

Please check the Best time for Treatment before booking

3D massage and 3D Womb

A combination of cupping, fertility massage and acupuncture techniques are used to boost your fertility. The techniques used, help the body to achieve homeostasis – a state of balance. This is achieved by rebalancing the energy flow to your uterus and warming up the womb, if needed. The aim is to increase the five systems of flow in your reproductive system, reduce stress in your body and most importantly get your uterus ready to nurture a baby.

Holistic Pincups - cup illustration.png

3D Hijama

Hijama, (wet cupping) is an effective fertility treatment that is usually performed during the third session. However, this may be performed sooner if I see that it is needed. The uterus and ovaries need to detox and rid themselves of any blockages that are present. Sometimes a fresh supply of clean blood is also needed and hijama is an excellent way of achieving this.


Acupuncture may be used as a targeted treatment to:

Reduce sympathetic nerve activity

Balance hormone levels

Stimulate ovulation

Relax the uterus and optimise endometrial receptivity


Detox your body

Get your blood following to your ovaries and uterus

Get your body ready for a pregnancy

As someone who has experienced infertility and miscarriage, it is my past experience that fuels my passion to help women to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Regardless of where you are at on your health and wellness journey, it is my promise that I will take you from where you are at and help you to take steps towards where you want to be.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions


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