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3D Non-Fertility

Do you experience menstrual pain or have endometriosis? Are you wondering why you feel so angry, irritable or irrational just before your period?


Do you suffer from PCOS or have irregular periods?


Do you suffer from vaginismus? Are you experiencing vaginal dryness and painful sexual intercourse?


Do you have IBS, digestive issues and inflammation?

Heal the womb, heal the woman

The 3D Non-Fertility treatment helps women just like you to achieve regular periods, a healthy womb and a well functioning digestive system, through 3D massage and 3D womb treatments, encompassing holistic techniques such as, cupping, acupuncture and abdominal massage.

Please check the Best time for Treatment before booking

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Don’t wait. Get healthy now.

In some cultures, a ‘grin and bear it’ attitude is seen as custom when dealing with women’s issues, but this only worsens the problem. If you have a health concern that is not acknowledged and dealt with, it won’t just go away – it may manifest into more serious symptoms. You don’t need to wait until its unbearable or until you want to get pregnant to address your concerns. You can do something about it now.

Heal your womb

Our treatments are beneficial for all women, whether you are on a fertility journey or not. A healthy, healed, fertile womb is a creative womb; one that gives life to babies, ideas, projects, careers, hobbies and empowered women. Wellness from within is achievable with Holistic Pincups effective treatments.

The treatment

Your initial treatment enables me to understand your history and how your body responds to treatment. The aim is to get your uterus healthy and achieve optimal flow to the reproductive organs. Usually, one or two treatments will be needed as well as learning self-care techniques to get your womb healthy and pain free.

3D massage and 3D Womb

A combination of cupping, massage and acupuncture techniques are used to heal the womb and reduce any inflammation. The techniques used, help the body to achieve homeostasis – a state of balance. This is achieved by rebalancing the energy flow to your uterus. The aim is to increase the five systems of flow in your reproductive system, reduce stress in your body and get your overall body functioning at optimum level.


Detox your body

Achieve regular periods and reduced pain

Gain a healthy and balanced metabolism

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