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Individual Diagnosis

In-depth consultation

On arrival, a full medical history will be taken, including details of your menstrual cycle and the results of any fertility tests you may have had previously, if relevant.


Before starting any treatments, an in-depth consultation will be performed with deep diagnostics, from your tongue and pulse. This diagnosis will determine what treatments are used and how they are performed based on your individual needs.

Your treatment plan will be devised from the information gained during your consultation, including the detox or cupping points that are right for you.


Each treatment is carefully tailored to the individual for maximum results. As well as this, I will give you techniques to support you and increase your chances of becoming pregnant, if this is your aim.

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Pulse Diagnosis

I listen for six different pulses in each wrist – each pulse corresponds to an internal organ.

Tongue Examination

The tongue is an important indicator of health – each part of the tongue corresponds to an internal organ.

What may be covered in the consultation?

Understanding your health condition

What supplements should you take to help you?

How the female cycle works?

How to balance your hormones?

How to overcome a cold womb?

How to know if you have ovulated?

Specifically, for fertility patients:

The right time to have sexual intercourse

Male fertility advice, if appropriate

Other information to help you get pregnant, if needed

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