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IVF Vs. Holistic Fertility

It is estimated that between 10-15% of all British couples have trouble conceiving and will, at some point, look for specialist fertility treatment. In 2016, 36,861 women received some kind of IVF treatment in UK clinics. Women aged 35 and below were successful in just 32.3% of cases. Women older than 35 had an even lower success rate.


Given that only 18% of all IVF is NHS-funded, couples are spending vast amounts of money on fertility treatments in hope of realising their pregnancy dreams. Many couples are prepared to pay £5,000 for a cycle of IVF. However, successful treatment is far from guaranteed.

Holistic Fertility Treatment

The fertility treatment offered at Holistic Pincups, presents an attractive alternative. One factor influencing the success rate of treatment is that IVF clinics do not pay any attention to the state of the woman’s womb and overall health. This is where Holistic Pincups differs. Not only is this treatment much cheaper than IVF – the focus is on improving the health of the womb, so that it is in optimal condition to create life and nurture a baby. Whether IVF or natural pregnancy is your chosen path, this should be priority, as we want your womb to be a healthy environment for a growing baby.

Unexplained fertility

The usual solution offered for unexplained fertility is IVF treatment. This is because the causes of the infertility are not always functional. There can be nothing wrong with the reproductive organs yet the couple fail to conceive. It could be an organic reason, perhaps an obstruction or problems with the flow to the uterus, or a cold womb, that will not be picked up in a scan. Rest assured that Holistic Pincups will diagnose and most importantly offer a solution to address these causes of infertility.

Preparing your body for pregnancy

The treatments I perform are only 25% of the solution, the other 75% is you preparing your body for pregnancy. You will be given full instructions on what to do to help your body prepare for pregnancy. However, this can be a slow process, depending on how your body responds and your commitment to the process. You will need a couple of cycles and some time to see changes. It may also be the case that your body becomes ready for pregnancy and we are then waiting for it to happen. Rest assured, that if you reach this stage, it is not IVF that you need. You don’t need the invasive procedures or the expensive drugs – you need a warm, healthy womb which takes time and patience.

After our initial consultation, I will know if I can help you and will often tell couples that they do not need to waste their time and money on IVF. Instead it is a matter of clearing the system, increasing the blood supply to the ovaries, and restoring levels of general health, in order to make pregnancy possible. I always advise both the woman and the man to make sure they are in optimum health. Men are very easy to treat - sperm count can improve very quickly. I will provide instructions on how your partner can increase his sperm count and play his part in the success of your treatment.

Your overall health

When a woman is under my care, I look at the overall picture. I let them know that we will see the difference in their bodies and periods. This treatment protocol is different from other fertility treatments. It is not about blood tests or scans – a scan is not going to tell you how your body is functioning. Women’s hormones very often are all over the place, as well as having cold wombs. I work with you to regulate your body, then watch periods come back and the body warming up. It is not a matter of chance or luck; the evidence is there to see. I see the difference in women’s periods, the pain and quality of flow.

Making your choice

With some couples I try to steer them away from IVF, or at least delay it. However, it is your choice and I will never put pressure on my clients regardless of their decision.

Some clients come to me in the middle of other treatments and if I see major coldness, I will advise them not to scheduled IVF as their body is not ready yet. They go ahead anyway, and the IVF fails. We then carry on with their holistic fertility treatment and they soon get pregnant naturally. Each couple’s journey is different. However, you have to have complete faith in the process.

There can be a lot of pressure from IVF clinics that time is running out, but I say if you have a warm womb and eggs, pregnancy can happen naturally. You may ask, “How can you possibly know for sure? Does it not keep me up at night, telling women to delay or cancel their IVF cycles?” The answer is, “I know because I’m treating the whole body, and I can see the improvements. The only thing I don’t know is the exact part of the treatment protocol that will help your pregnancy to happen.” Rest assured that if I don’t think I can help you, I’ll be the first to say this and refer you on if western treatment is needed.

Giving you hope

After many months or years of struggling with fertility, my treatment philosophy may sound like wishful thinking. However, there is no doubt about one thing – my clients get pregnant, when before treatment they had tried tirelessly and did not.

I’d bet £1m that any woman facing infertility doesn’t care how or why she gets pregnant, she just wants the chance of becoming a mother. What I offer is a choice and hope – another way of making a pregnancy happen – so what could be better?

You may not fully understand what I do or what I ask you to do between treatments, but the results are amazing and all I ask is for you to keep an open mind. What makes me unique is that I work alongside western medicine. If you choose, you can stay on the IVF waiting list and undergo IVF treatment, but let’s do something to prepare the body and make IVF a success.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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