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3D Womb

What makes the Holistic Pincups treatment unique? The use of abdominal cupping to get your uterus and overall body healthy.

Let’s get your body healthy

This treatment can be used to treat a variety of issues – from infertility and miscarriage to pain in the joints, muscles, or any other part of the fascia, by gently releasing knots and tissues, as well as having the added benefits of detoxing the body.

You will receive, a completely personalised 3D womb cupping, tailored to your individual needs!

Please check the Best time for Treatment before booking

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Before cupping

The abdominal massage performed within this treatment is greatly beneficial. Most people have tightness in their diaphragms and their iliopsoas (hip flexor) muscles, and those muscles rarely ever get worked on via typical bodyworks, unless specifically requested. This tightness impedes the flow of blood and energy to the ovaries and womb.

Cupping Therapy

Generally, cupping therapy goes deeper than massage. The cups can be placed in specific places to get a deeper release for tender spots or placed on acupuncture points to achieve relief through balance in your meridians and blood.

Who can be treated?

Over the years I have worked with many women struggling with infertility and miscarriages, to achieve healthy pregnancies. This includes women with PCOS, endometriosis, POF, fibroids, blocked fallopian tubes, ovarian cysts and failed IVF treatment.


There are also many other conditions that can be treated with 3D womb cupping.

Hormonal imbalance

Abdominal pain

Lumbar pain and fatigue

Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation)

Amenorrhea (missed periods)


Abdominal distention and/or pain


Spasms of the diaphragm


…and any other discomfort in the body.


Detox your body

Achieve regular periods and reduced pain

Gain a healthy and balanced metabolism

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